Clip Band & Wire

Steel strips used as closures for packaging nets.

Suitable for all commonly-used clipping machines.

Made of steel strips that are electrolytically copper or zinc-plated.

Available in cassettes or loosely on plastic cores.

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Compostable Wine-Glass Labels

Compostable wine-glass labels used to label packaging nets.

Made of compostable PLA.

Available with up to 10 colors in various formats – flexographic printed or unprinted.

Available as continuous labels on a roll.

Product Details

Compostable Packaging Nets

Compostable netting used to package food and nonfood products.

Made of cellulose or PLA material with our trademark bio-netting®.

Available in a variety of widths, mesh sizes and colours.

Available as rolls, sleeves or pre-made netbags.

Product Details


Mono or laminated film made of PA, PE, BOPP, CPP and PET material.

Available in different perforations and coatings.

Prints up to 10 colours using flexographic or gravure printing processes possible, yet also in sandwich-printing. Films can be pre-made to a variety of bag designs and accompanied by a wide selection of closure options.

We will gladly customize any layouts for your printed images.

Product Details

Nonwovens for protective masks

Spunbond and meltblown filter fleece for the production of FFP2 and surgical masks.

Made of polypropylene.

Available in all widths and roll lengths.

Product details

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