Compostable Wine-Glass Labels

Compostable Wine-Glass Labels

Packaging made of renewable resources is gaining more and more importance, due to diminishing raw resources worldwide. The promotion and usage of compostable packaging can significantly minimize the increasing contamination of the oceans caused by plastic waste. Therefore, Breuers Verpackungen GmbH is offering additional compostable wine-glass labels made of PLA.

Our compostable wine-glass labels are suitable for all common packaging machines and can be easily sealed using ultrasound techniques. When sealed with the labels, our compostable packaging nets, offered under our trademark bio-nettingĀ®, provide our customers with mono-packaging. The certificate for our compostable wine-glass labels is available in our Downloads.

  • Compostable wine-glass labels used to label packaging nets.
  • Made of compostable PLA.
  • Available with up to 10 colors in various formats - flexographically printed or unprinted.
  • Available as continuous labels on a roll.

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