Clip Band & Wire

Clip Band & Wire

Breuers Verpackungen GmbH provides clip band for all commonly-used clipping machines. Clip band is used as closure material for packaging nets and therefore differs both in surface treatment as well as in its material strength. For light packaging, bands are often used with dimensions of 5 x 0.30 mm, whereas for heavier packaging, dimensions range from 5 x 0.35 mm up to 5 x 0.40 mm.

Clip band is delivered in disposable cassettes containing two flat spools, yet also loosely as individual spools on plastic cores. These steel strip surfaces are electrolytically zinc or copper-plated to protect against rust and to provide optical touch-ups. We offer our clip wires reddish bright drawn on disposable, single spools.

  • Steel strips used as closures for packaging nets.
  • Suitable for all commonly-used clipping machines.
  • Made of steel strips that are electrolytically copper or zinc-plated.
  • Available in cassettes or loosely on plastic cores.

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