Dates & Facts

October 2000 l Establishment of Breuers Verpackungen GmbH
After 15 years in top management and being a joint holder of a medium-sized company in the packaging industry, Mr. Eckard Breuers, with the support of his wife Daniela, decided to become self-employed. Breuers Verpackungen GmbH was founded on 12 October 2000 by Mr. and Mrs. Breuers.

January 2004 l Expansion of Management
During the course of growth and development at Breuers Verpackungen GmbH, Mr. Joerg Mertens acquired shares in the company and is Breuers Verpackungen GmbH’s second Managing Director in addition to Mr. Breuers. As with Mr. Breuers, Mr. Mertens also comes from the packaging industry. Further to his qualifications in international business, Mr. Mertens brings years of top managerial work experience from the United States. This step in management has enabled the company to expand into international markets.

January 2006 l Introduction of a Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000
In order to meet growing market demands at home and abroad, our management acquired QM-certification according to ISO 9001: 2000. This QM-certification ensures our customers further reliability regarding quality of service and products.

June 2006 l Registered Trademark bio-netting®
After two years of development, the brand name and logo of our fully compostable bio-netting® has been protected by the Patent and Trademark Office. In the meantime, our bio-netting® has become an integral part of our product range. More information is available here.

May 2007 l IFFA in Frankfurt
Breuers Verpackungen GmbH has managed to present itself as exhibitor at its first international trade show appearance. Our company provides an entire range of netting for artificial and natural casings, which have been successfully sold worldwide for many years.

July 2007 l Expansion of Production and Warehouse Capacity
Consistent company growth requires additional storage and production capacity. To meet increasing demands, our new warehouse was built and our machinery in production has been extended. Meanwhile Breuers Verpackungen GmbH provides over 1,000 square meters of storage space, which enable us to offer our customer excellent service both home and abroad.

May 2008 l INTERZOO in Nuremberg
Our product portfolio at Breuers Verpackungen GmbH includes a wide range of netting and other products for the entire winter bird food industry. Breuers Verpackungen GmbH further expanded its market lead by presenting this product range at INTERZOO in Nuremberg with its own stand.

March 2010 | Quality Management System Change to ISO 9001: 2008
Our quality management system was upgraded to ISO 9001: 2008.

Februar 2011 l FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin
Breuers Verpackungen GmbH successfully presented its product line-up for the fruit and vegetable industry at its first trade fair appearance in Berlin. Since 2008, this international exhibition has become an integral part of our exhibition calendar and annually provides us an opportunity to present new developments in “compostable packaging" to clientele worldwide.

June 2012 l Further Expansion of Storage Capacity
To meet ever-growing market segment needs for nonwovens, Breuers Verpackungen GmbH established, as additional volume, 400 pallet spaces for the storage of non-woven fabrics and spacer grids.

January 2014 l Registered Trade Mark Logo for Breuers Verpackungen GmbH
Breuers Verpackungen GmbH’s logo was developed by Mr. Werner Breuers and continues to be an integral part of our company. It is now registered with the Patent and Trademark Office as a figurative trademark and has since been patented.

March 2017 l New Corporate Headquarters
The relocation of Breuers Verpackungen GmbH to a new and bigger facility, is our response to the constant growing demands of international markets and setting us on the right course for the future. Our corporate Headquarters are now located at Klinkerweg 10 in Erkrath, Germany.

February 2018 | Quality Management System Change to ISO 9001:2015
Our quality management system was upgraded to ISO 9001:2015. More information is available here.

September 2020 │ Certification of compostable wine-glass labels
After their creation, the fully compostable wine-glass labels are certified by DIN CERTCO and, since then, they are allowed to bear the seedling mark. By now, the compostable wine-glass labels have become an integral part of our range of labels. Further information is available here.

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